A Fractional CMO works with your business on a fractional basis, with direct focus on: defining your company’s marketing strategy.

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Does Your Company Need A Fractional CMO?

Most established companies struggle with standard operating procedures around marketing including having on-point branding and establishing a clear system that shows a ROI. But you don’t have to.

Quickly benefit from a marketing expert in your business without paying the high cost of a full-time CMO.

Fractional CMO

Hi, my name's Brittany and I'm a Fractional CMO for established companies.

I work as a marketing executive to help with businesses with marketing strategy, customer acquisition, sales development and company growth. Let's get in touch!
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The Fractional CMO for established businesses.

Most companies face these issues and do not address them clearly:
  • No clear marketing strategy
  • Lack of time & resources for marketing initiatives
  • Inability to adapt to new trends
  • Proving ROI
With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities.
Here’s what you could accomplish instead...
  • Clear processes & SOP
  • Clear customer journey
  • Clear messaging & company positioning
  • Track KPIs
  • Marketing based on strategy
Need a Fractional CMO?
Create a marketing strategy

We determine your business's overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers.

Correct your messaging
and positioning

We define where your product or service fits in the marketplace and how we want it to to be known long-term.

Map out your
customer journey

A customer journey map increases customer retention, and allows us to discover key information to make the best decisions for your business.

Manage KPIs so your
marketing makes you money

We implement KPIs to set goals, devise a strategy to reach your goals, and evaluate your company performance.

What is it like to work together?


I’m responsible for all your marketing initiatives & outcomes. Each quarter you’ll see reports on what’s happening and the plan for the next quarter.

technology butler

Positive Culture

I’ll create a positive, engaging and collaborative culture within your marketing team, and
delegate tasks to keep each individual on track.

Data Driven

I will utilize data acquired to inform or enhance processes and make decisions that align with your overall company goals, objectives, and initiatives.

Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the various marketing services we provide. Read what our clients have to say about us!
“Brittany and her team have been so responsive, so proactive, and so smart about our marketing. I'm impressed how Brittany has learned about and understood our business and brand - it feels like an in-house marketing manager, not an outsourced marketing consultant.”
Daniel Hemmert Red Hanger Cleaners
Red Hanger
“If you're looking for a GREAT team to improve your sales and KNOWS what they're doing - then Digital Task Force is your team! Digital Task Force has been with Avon Cleaners for four (4) + years now - and they are family.”
Stacy Godo Avon Cleaners
Avon Cleaners
“I have been working with Digital Task force for years and they are the best at what they do! Talking with them a couple times a month always brightens my day. I immediately saw huge improvements to my site and after a few months saw drastic changes to my SEO.”
Cameron Mosier Tribal Video
Tribal Video
“We love Digital Task Force. Our business would not be the same without them. They’ve improved our store’s efficiency way beyond my expectations. 10 out of 10 highly recommended.”
Robert Carter Fishin' World
Fishin World
“Brittany and her team have always had perfect results with a fast turn around!”
Austin Karnes Revamped Security
Revamped Security
“Very responsive customer service and quality work!! Highly recommend.”
Jake Stephenson Jakes Sports Cafe
Jakes Sports Cafe
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