Benefits Of Using Website Screen Recordings

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By seeing through the eyes of your customer with screen recordings this becomes beneficial to you. The benefits to website screen recordings allows you to check on your website in real time with anonymous recordings of visitors as they interact with your site. All you are able to see is the visitors location. (EX- Dallas, Texas). This real time traffic checker is the number 1 tool for moving the needle on your website. It is perfect for e-commerce stores, service-based websites, or brochure sites.

Website Usability Records require zero skills or coding and installs in seconds! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits to website screen recordings.

Top Benefits Of Website Screen Recordings

Some of the most important benefits that Live Stat Server Include are:

  • Information about which landing pages on your website are driving visitors.
  • Live recordings on how a visitor travels through your site and what they are clicking on.
  • See which products and sales deals are garnering the most attention through live screen recordings.
  • Real-time notifications if a particular person/company visits your site.
  • Learn which pages generate the most sales leads and gain the most attention.

What’s Included?

Video Recording Benefits

Website checker allows you to watch anonymous recordings of visitors as they interact with your site, just like watching a movie! You have the ability to see ever mouse movement, click and scroll on your site.

Heatmaps Benefits

The benefits of a heat map are very rewarding. For example, if you are wanting to gain more insight on which areas of your website are getting the most attention, then a heat map allows you to view, in a visual form,  that’s easy to understand and then make strategic decisions from. Basically, a heat map is a data analysis software that uses color the way a bar graph uses height and width: as a data visualization tool.

A spreadsheet may tell you that certain links have a surprisingly low click rate. Or, that a landing page has a drastically higher bounce rate (and lower time spent on page) compared to the rest of your website. But, the spreadsheet numbers won’t explain why. Viewing the same data in a properly configured heatmap in real time, however, might quickly reveal that a high bounce rate could be explained by a low-visibility page that isn’t easily accessible by viewers. Overall, heat maps allow you to pull together all the clicks, scrolls and page views through a complete heatmap of activity (or lack of activity) on your site.

Live Chat Benefits

Be available for your customers and see through their eyes as they browse your site, ask questions or consider purchasing your product or learning more about your service.

Live Stat Server Features


Creating A More User-Friendly Web Design

For example, lets say your website sells products and your company recently launched a holiday promotion/deal for all customers. Website screen recordings allows you to view how your customers are interacting with your website, by following every click and scroll of their mouse in real time. You are able to have a more clear understanding as to if customers are landing on your website specifically to purchase your products due to the promotion, or if they are landing on your website to view something unrelatable to the promotion.

Likewise, lets say your website sells services. If you told a potential client/customer to view your website to learn more information about your services and verbally informed them of which page to view on your site, the benefits to website screen recordings will allow you to see if the potential client/customer actually viewed your site or not and if they navigated to the page that you informed them about. You will have a clear understanding as to if they viewed your site or not, what they viewed on your site, which pages they navigated to, and how long they spent on your site.

Overall, installing website screen recordings on your website allows you to create a more user-friendly website for your viewers. Effective web design does not happen easy. In web design, learning from your users is particularly important. Viewing live website screen recordings can help you understand what your audience does when entering your website, what they don’t do as they respond to your designs, what they click on, and how long they spend on a certain page.