Case Study: Red Hanger

Red Hanger Cleaners, Salt Lake City, Utah

Established in 1976 Red Hanger Cleaners quickly became synonymous with quality, affordable, cleaners in Salt Lake Valley. With free delivery routes across the region and 15 locations, Red Hanger continues to serve its customers the same warmth and attention it did in the 70s – providing a small mom and pop family business feel in every store.

Our Work with Red Hanger Cleaners

When Dan and Ryan were recommended to the Digital Task Force, their primary request was “We need modern marketing. We need it to be affordable and we need you to just do it.”

Like most of our business owners, they wanted ideas, strategies and execution tailored specifically for their business. They wanted their marketing team to be 100% hands on – even from outside the business – and they wanted to trust that their budget was being well spent.

When we took over, we knew we had to establish three things:

  1. Their website needed a full makeover. Not only did we need to update aesthetics and content, but we also needed to test website usability, create a cohesive sales funnel and optimize for mobile first on search engines.
  2. We needed to establish marketing accounts with a youthful vibrancy, credible information and consistent output.
  3. We needed to ensure that the Red Hanger team had 24/7 access to their account credentials, key performance indicators and artwork in one easy space.

“Our number one complaint when speaking with a potential new client is that their last marketing company (or person) just vanished. Time and again the business owner is left without access to their analytics, campaigns, ad accounts or artwork and ad copy. In extreme cases, they don’t even own their social media accounts and require to start again from scratch. We’ve vowed never to let that happen. At Digital Task Force, all marketing and internet assets stay owned by our clients. Should they decide to no longer work with us, their entire stack is left intact with admin credentials listed in one easy to find document.”

Website Content Updates

We took Red Hanger’s web pages from outdated to modern – see the before and after below.

Website Usability Testing

Once the site updated aesthetically, we tested the customer journey and simplicity of the site with website usability recordings. We found that the original sales funnel had Red Hanger’s clients fanned out in many directions. We streamlined the process so all clients accessed the same sales form allowing Red Hanger’s primary performance indicator to tally up in one spot.

No longer would they need to search in more than one space to see how many new clients they acquired.

Website Optimization

Red Hanger’s previous marketing company had walked away with the admin rights to their Google Accounts including Google Ads and Search Console. They also allowed Red Hanger’s Facebook Pixel to become disconnected and to stop tracking their audience. We created and optimized a new Google Ads and Search Console account, submitted a sitemap to Google and reinstated their Facebook Pixel. Now both Digital Task Force and Red Hanger are able to review audience stats, web health and Google recommendations from one folder. See what’s included in the Digital Task Force Client Folder below.

To further improve Red Hanger’s search engine rankings, website health and domain authority, we created a new project in AHREFS and synced with Red Hanger’s Google Stats. We now monitor every page on the site with powerful analytics. Improving the Red Hanger site is a matter of continuous link building, competitor analysis, keyword research, content creation and promotion. See Red Hanger’s AHREFS toolkit below.

Social Media and Blog

Though social media is not Red Hanger’s primary advertising forum we chose to keep the accounts active by refreshing and adding helpful tips for their clients which then link to blog posts on the website. Red Hanger already ranks high in search engines for blog posts such as “How to clean white shoes?”. By refreshing these posts and adding new posts we ensure that Google continues to index Red Hanger’s website as relevant. See Red Hanger’s blog posts and Instagram feed below.

All of this work seems to be paying off.

We decided early on that the only metric that means anything to us is sign ups. New customers with payment information on file. To ensure success, we provide Red Hanger with a handmade line graph to show current and real time fluctuations in new customer acquisitions. There is never any question about how well our marketing initiatives are working out. See below for Red Hanger’s current website sign ups and an example report we send to them weekly.

From August 2020 to August 2021 Red Hanger accumulated over 600 new website sign ups resulting in nearly $40,000 in additional revenue every month. Go Red Hanger!

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