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Social Media Management Vs. Content Creation

Oftentimes, people tend to mix up the term “content marketing” with “social media marketing.” They believe that brands publishing content is known as social media management, however the act of managing a social media platform and developing the content for it is two completely different things.

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Reasons Not To Post Kids On Social Media

Many parents in specific enjoy posting images and videos on their social media feed and stories of their kids because they are proud of their family and want to show this to their followers. They want to remain connected through this online social platform with their relatives, friends and followers.

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Instagram Metrics That Measure Performance

Just like any other marketing strategy, keeping tabs on your company’s performance on Instagram is essential. If you are managing your business Instagram account without taking a look at the analytics, then you will never be able to understand the results of your efforts. Understanding different metrics and insights on Instagram may not always be very easy. Let’s talk more in depth.

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Do’s & Don’t Of Social Media Artwork

Do – Effective social media artwork and graphic design for your businesses social media platform is essential for growth and visibility.
Don’t – if your company has 10+ captions and a profile bio that already states your business name, then you do not need to feel compelled to add it into every post caption going forward. Often less said is more said!

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