Does Your Company Need A Fractional CMO?

What exactly is a Fractional CMO you ask? A Fractional CMO is an experienced marketing executive with a high level of experience in the marketing industry. A Fractional CMO works with your business on a fractional basis, with direct focus on: defining your company’s overall marketing strategy. Then, we translate your marketing strategy into action and results. We help manage, grow, and mentor your in-house marketing team. Along with this, we’re here to map out your overall customer journey
and establish clear KPI’s for all marketing campaigns.

So… does your company need a Fractional CMO?

Fractional CMO

Are we a good fit for you?

Our Fractional CMO service is a good fit for your company if…

  1. Your current marketing team lacks leadership & organization within the company.
  2. Your sales team makes their own marketing materials without the guidance of a professional whose expertise is in marketing.
  3. Your company’s growth requires a marketing professional.
  4. Your business needs a fresh outlook on marketing goals and strategies because your past marketing strategies have failed.
  5. Your business does not need a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.
  6. Your company is facing budget constraints or uncertainty.

1. Your marketing team lacks leadership & organization

If your business is constantly growing, then you’ll need to begin considering initiating marketing leadership. Without having the proper leadership in place, your marketing initiatives will eventually become disorganized, scattered and lack brand identity.

Hiring an on-demand Fractional CMO allows you to use your marketing resources when you need them most and will help develop your marketing strategy. We are here to lead your team by managing their duties, focusing their activities, hiring new employees, and much more. As your business grows and your needs begin to shift, a new voice with more experience may be needed. With a Fractional CMO, that process is easy and painless.

2. Your sales team makes their own marketing material

A cohesive brand identity extends to the marketing materials you share with your customers and clients. These marketing materials consists of your brand colors, fonts, logos, promotional products and much more. If your business doesn’t use common marketing materials, then there’s the possibility your brand message and identity may be considered weak, scattered, or even confusing.

Having company branding along with a brand style guide is essential in helping your brand communicate consistent visuals and messaging to your target audience. A Fractional CMO will work alongside your time to design a cohesive brand identity and message that can be effectively communicated through all marketing materials.

3. Your company's growth requires a marketing professional

If your company’s growth is starting to stagnate, this may be a sign that you’re in need of a Fractional CMO. Fractional CMO services can revamp your marketing efforts, build a marketing strategy, and lead your marketing team. With the help and guidance of a professional, your company will be able to get the most from its marketing budget.

We are here to create a fully fleshed out marketing plan, hire and manage your current marketing team efficiently, and track how well your marketing is working. Our end goal is to bring in new business so you can see a return on your marketing investment.

4. Your business needs a fresh outlook on marketing goals

If your business is constantly innovating, then it’s essential for your marketing efforts to reflect that. Remember, just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it’ll work in the future. This is when a Fractional CMO service can be helpful for your business. We bring an outside perspective into your industry and business,. In addition, we bring with us a wealth of experience in tailoring marketing strategies and initiatives for growth.

A key benefit Fractional CMOs bring is their ability to set a standard for how and when things get done- a deadline. Management is a key aspect of marketing. Untargeted marketing initiatives won’t work well for your business compared to marketing that’s precise and tailored. Fractional CMOs set the standard, direction, and priorities of your marketing so that your team can focus on the tasks at hand to stay on track on a day to day basis without becoming overwhelmed and unorganized.

5. Your business does not need a full time Chief Marketing Officer

It’s true, hiring a full-time CMO can be expensive, especially for small businesses to justify. And many times, your company does not need to hire a full-time CMO. So, can a Fractional CMO add as much value as a CMO? The answer to that question is, yes! Process-driven Fractional CMOs provide their companies with as much attention as they need to grow and achieve their goals. The money saved between hiring full-time and fractional can then be deployed on technical marketing talent or ad spend.

Fractional CMOs can deliver the same benefit and value to your business at a fraction of the cost. They can deliver value based on your business’s budget and capabilities, and needs. How much do we work? We work with your business as much as necessary to help you fulfill your goals and execute on stellar strategy and creative.

6. Your company is facing budget constraints

Tight budgets and financial uncertainty are a relatively normal part of business for small to medium sized businesses. However, when it comes to marketing, investing less when the need for sales and new clients is greater is the exact opposite of what you want to do. Instead, you need to up your marketing efforts as much as you can.

When your company is facing uncertainty, the goal should not be to spend less. It should be to become more efficient with your spending on all aspects of your business. A Fractional CMO can help with this in a big way. We create fully fleshed out marketing plans, hire and manage the marketing team in-house efficiently, and track all metrics and insights on how well your marketing is working to bring in new business and a ROI. Good marketing creates leads, generates brand awareness, attracts new customers, and ultimately leads to sales and profit. When times are tight, finding a way to do the absolute best marketing you can is critical; hiring a Fractional CMO is a smart way to do that.

We’re here to make your marketing world-class!

With more than 20 thousand combined hours in Websites, Social Media and Ad Campaigns, Digital Task Force is the best Fractional CMO for your money.

Along the way, we will ensure your team is performing well and in good spirits. We will put in the systems and processes to make your marketing department a reliable asset to your company. We create comprehensive marketing plans to help achieve your goals and we put in the systems and processes to make your marketing department a reliable asset. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Fractional CMO service.