Do’s & Don’t Of Social Media Artwork

Effective social media artwork and graphic design for your businesses social media platform is essential for growth and visibility. Eye-catching graphics provide support towards brand recognition, grows follower engagement levels and overall connects your target audiences and consumers with your business and services. Overall, it is important to steer away from images that scream stock or overly basic.

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Do create social media artwork/graphic by hand or rely on editable templates 

It is important to create an appropriate balance of images on your feed. In Image 1.1a, we blurred the chosen image as the background in order to allow the overall text to pop. In addition, we’ve added a blue rectangle with text on top of it to incorporate a pop of color.

Personalized Image

Image 1.1a

Don’t use pre-made signage/ social media artwork

Canva is an example of a graphic design tool that is completely free to use when creating social media artwork! Why use a pre-made image when you can be creative and use the wide array of features that Canva offers to edit photos and videos? Along with this, you do not need extensive photo knowledge or experience to personalize your images or videos. Overall, Canva is just one example of an easy design tool that offers thousands of templates to choose from. See image 1.1b of a graphic that was ready-made and does not include any personal designs or texts.

Pre-Made Image

Image 1.1b

Do rely on editable templates when creating social media artwork

Editable templates keep nice color schemes and continuity. Also, they reduce workload but also keep flexibility of the image and the message. See Image 1.2a and Image 1.2b as examples of social media artwork designs that are created with templates.

Custom Image Using a Template

Image 1.2a

Custom Image Using a Template

Image 1.2b

Do utilize logos sparingly on select pieces of artwork

Also, remember to always spread out logos throughout select image and video posts that truly exemplifies the brand image. This way, your feed will look more neat and clean.

Logos Spread Out

Image 1.3a

Don’t over-rely on logos to bring color when creating social media artwork

Incorporating your brands logo on every single image or video post can start to look messy and redundant.

Too Many Logos

Image 1.3b

Do choose an image that is unique

Do choose an image that is vague enough to allow the viewer to ascribe their own meaning such as with a hero image or with an image that alludes to the message. We chose to use an artful picture of a mannequin to allude to the “vintage” – allowing the end user to use their own imagination of what vintage means to them.

Artful Vintage Image Of a Mannequin

Image 1.4a

Don’t force an image to fit a description when creating social media artwork

Remember, instead of forcing a hanger rack of vintage dresses that might or might not look that high end, try to find something more vague.

For example, everyone has their own image of “vintage” therefore, it can be difficult to find the perfect looking vintage dress.

Basic Vintage Dress

Image 1.4b

Do use emotion, thoughts & ideas from your personal life to imbue passion into the message

Through enforcing laugher and appealing to emotions in your captions, your target audiences will become more interested in your content. For example, we aren’t married to this guy, but being in love, we can create messaging that feels like love.

Caption That Appeals To Viewers Emotions

Image 1.5a

Don’t try to smoosh all the important points into every caption when creating social media artwork

If your company has 10+ captions and a profile bio that already states your business name, then you do not need to feel compelled to add it into every post caption going forward. Basically, often less said is more said!

Caption That Includes The Businesses Name

Image 1.5b

Do consider how you can pair images with folks exhibiting positive, happy traits.

By pairing this hero image of super woman with the Red Hanger logo, we are almost saying,  Red Hanger can make you feel like a superhero. Or at least, underscore your natural super hero character.

Hero Image Caption

Image 1.6a

Do rely on images that show the problem so that you can promote the brand as the solution

In fact, it’s very important to relate your images to your captions. If your image shows a certain situation that your company is capable of fixing or bettering, be sure to elaborate on that in your caption.

Image without speech bubble & with caption

Image 1.7a

Don’t overly rely on “voice bubbles” to make a statement 

Over relying on text bubbles to make a statement can interfere with the caption of the image. If there is a certain point that you are trying to make, include this in the caption as opposed to on the image itself.

Overall, feel free to reach out to us today with any questions you may have in regards to creating social media artwork. And, feel free to read our published blog post to learn more about how to gain new customers on social media.

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Image Using Speech Bubble

Image 1.7b

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