10 Tips To Help You Gain New Customers On Social Media

1. Gain New Customers By Using Relevant Hashtags 

  • On Instagram and Twitter in specific, people search up hashtags to discover content that they are interested in and want to view.
  • Along with this, hashtags encourage social media users to explore all different kinds of content that catches their attention.
  • Also, by using hashtags in each of your posts, you can reach a wider range of accounts.
  • Overall, hashtags allow companies to reach their target audience and help their viewers filter information.

Digital Task Forces Use Of Hashtags

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2. Partner With Your Neighbor To Gain New Customers

  • Networking and collaborating with your neighborhood business can allow people to become more aware of your business.
  • In addition, marketing and networking plays a huge role in the overall success of a business. And, can be a funneling source of getting more people to use your products or services.
  • Remember, you can network with your neighborhood business by collaborating together on social media posts and promoting each other business’s and coordinating events together. Or, frankly by just receiving advice from each other to better your business objectives.


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3. Provide Outstanding Customer Support On Social Media

  • A critical aspect of social media for businesses,  is how you provide customer support.
  • In fact, customers want to know that the business they are purchasing from has good customer service.
  • Customer support on social media platforms allows a business to quickly answer questions and concerns that customers may have.
  • Keep in mind, 60% of customers find that solving an issue fast is the most important part of good customer support!
  • This is an even more important aspect in today’s time period, because a lot of small businesses compete with one another.

4. Optimize Your Social Media Links To Gain New Customers

  • Make sure that every one of your social media platforms has a link to your website & make sure that this link is easily accessible for your customers (in your bio).
  • And, always add a link to your website to your profile page, your about page, and any other page on your social media accounts.
  • With SMO (Social Media Optimization) you can ensure a strong web presence for your business.
  • Along with this, SMO introduces people to your business, helps with branding purposes, and improves your brands visibility.
  • See Image 1.2 of one of our clients, Avon Cleaners Instagram page, which shows a link in their bio that directs people to their link- me page. Also, the link- me page provides people with access to Avon locations, the Avon Cleaners website, and a link to create a pickup & delivery account.

Link In Bio

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5. Create Engaging & Eye- Catching Graphics

  • There’s always going to be a high level of competition on social media platforms when it comes to creating the best graphics and eye- catching content to attract target audiences.
  • Always create engaging posts! Especially videos, Instagram Reels, or IGTV’s. By doing this, you have a higher chance of customers landing on your page
  • Use platforms such as CANVA to create unique image & video content for your feed.
  • Remember, always be active on your social media platforms by posting Instagram & Facebook stories daily, and answering commonly asked questions about your business.
  • And, you can also turn these commonly asked questions into captions for your posts!
  • See Image 1.3a and 1.3b as examples of high quality graphics as well as an Instagram video post, published by Avon Cleaners that turned a commonly asked question into a caption.


Image 1.4a

Commonly Asked Question

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6. Gain New Customers By Creating Taggable Content

  • If you mention another business in your social media post, be sure to tag them so that they can re-post on their own page. This will bring more traffic to your page.
  • Encourage your audience to tag friends and family in the comment section of your posts.
  • Depending on how engaging your content is, new faces that are landing on your page will more likely follow you.
  • In fact, good humor in your captions tend to get people to share your content on their own page and also follow you.
  • And, when it comes to tags, you can tag on both social media posts & stories, so be sure to take advantage of both!

Taggable Content

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7. Gain New Customers By Offering A Deal On A Product Or Service

  • By offering deals & promotions, you can easily attract new customers to your page.
  • Customers are ALWAYS looking for deals, so try to use this to your advantage!
  • Likewise, always market your deals and promotions on all your social media platforms. This way, your target consumers can be aware of them.
  • For example, provide coupon codes or share a promotion going on for the month! Take a look at Image 1.6 of a promotion going on for Red Hanger’s laundry service that was advertised on Instagram.

Red Hanger Promotion

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8. Create Shoppable Content To Gain New Customers

  • Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have “shoppable” posts where consumers can click on the image, see a price, and purchase the product without ever leaving the social media platform.
  • By using Instagram or Pinterest shoppable posts, you can get to know your target consumers better. You can have a better understanding of their likes, dislikes, what products they are absolutely obsessed with, and what makes them continue scrolling through your page.
  • If your business happens to sell retail related products, this feature is perfect for you!

9. Encourage And Promote Reviews To Gain New Customers

  • Always keep an eye out on your social media review ratings.
  • If you want to attract new customers, encourage your current customers to leave reviews, especially if they are pleased and satisfied with your products or services.
  • Remember, it’s super important to always respond to negative reviews. Responding to complaints can help increase customer advocacy. It can show the customer that you truly care about their feelings in regards to your businesses products or services.
  • This is very important for businesses who sell on eCommerce sites, because a negative review can affect how your business appears in a search result.
  • See Image 1.4 of an Instagram post that displays a positive review that one of our clients, Red Hanger received!


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10. To Gain New Customers, Identify Your Target Audience

  • What problem does your product or service solve? Use your social media platforms to understand exactly who you are targeting & engage with these audiences.
  • Find out where your target audience is most active. For example, older generations are more active on Facebook, while younger generations are more active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.
  • By figuring out where your audience is most active, your business will be able to better prioritize which platforms need the most attention and focus.
  • Look at your competitors to have a better understanding of what kind of voice they are using, what type of content they are creating, and who they are appealing to.

Target Audience

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