The Best Way To Grow Your Instagram

Grow Your Instagram By Getting The Right Type Of Followers

  • You do not need the most amount of followers, but what you do need is the most engaged followers.
  • Also, by having engaged followers, this allows your content to spread virally within their social network, which creates a snowball effect and gets you to have more followers overall!

Engaged IG Followers

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Grow Your Instagram By Going Live

  • It is important to go live on Instagram & talk with followers by getting to know them and answering their questions.
  • Instagram Live creates a face-to-face experience that feels more pure, genuine and personal as opposed to only posting content.
  • In addition, going on live allows followers to engage with you and be more interested in your content!

Instagram Live

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Use Strong Calls To Action To Grow Your Instagram

  • Make use of the bio section in your account by using a “call to action” that directs viewers to your sales page, your contact page, or a sign up page.
  • If your business sells physical goods on a website, then mention this to your followers and direct them where to go!
  • Always include a “call to action” in your some of your photo or video posts as an invitation for followers to take some sort of desired action.
  • See Image 1.1 of an Instagram post from one of our clients, Red Hanger Cleaners as an example.

Call To Action

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Grow Your Instagram By Posting Consistently

  • Profiles that post daily tend to reach a higher number of followers as opposed to profiles that don’t.
  • If your posts are shared constantly on a regular basis, and are picking up higher levels of engagement, then Instagram’s algorithm will more likely show your posts near the top of your followers’ feed.
  • Nevertheless, always post content that will attract your target audiences attention… the key is to make sure you are offering eye- catching content, engaging content & creating value!

Digital Task Forces IG Feed

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Use Hashtags To Grow Your Instagram

  • Using hashtags for all of your Instagram posts makes your content more discoverable and reachable to thousands of accounts.
  • Hashtags are very powerful when it comes to creating brand awareness.
  • Think of hashtags are search tools that people use to find out about topics, ideas, and information that they are interested in.
  • Always research & study your top competitors to find out the best hashtags to use.
  • Also, make sure that your hashtags are relevant to your brand overall message and to the content you are posting.
  • See Image 1.2 of an Instagram post published by Digital Task Force. The post contains an eye- catching image, a call to action in the caption, and multiple relevant hashtags!


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Create Reels To Grow Your Instagram

  • Instagram Reels is a new way to discover and create short and entertaining video clips of 30 seconds or less.
  • Reels allow users to reach a larger audience as they have the ability to share clips in Explore so that it is visible to a lot more people, as opposed to just followers.
  • Also, Instagram Reels often get more views compared to regular video posts on your feed because people tend to watch reels over and over again.
  • See image 1.3 of a Reel from the Red Hanger Instagram page that got over 5oo views!

Instagram Reels

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Get Help With Your Company’s Social Media Platforms

It’s time to grow your businesses Instagram page. Having an Instagram account for your company is one more signal that your business is reputable, real, and transparent. If you’re doing online business exclusively, having a social account and platform where your customers can get to know your business is highly valuable and convenient.

Social Media is a marketing process that can be extremely profitable and can grow your audience far and wide beyond your current friends and family. At the end of the day, it is all the same- communication, openness, connection, top of mind awareness, sales. From custom content, to ads management, analytics, planning and execution– a fully done for you service is tailored to your business. Here at Digital Task Force we will work with you to ensure that all your social media content will appeal towards your specific target audiences. Contact today to get assistance with your company’s social media platforms!

Social Media Platforms

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Get Help with Social Media Marketing

Contact Digital Task Force for consultation, done for you services and more for websites, social media and ad campaigns. Feel free to read more about our social media marketing service. Also, if your company has ever thought about selling products online through social media platforms, feel free to also read about our product development service as well.