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By Digital task force Done for you websites and custom marketing services, to build your customer base.

We are a small group in Dallas dedicated to local businesses pursuing fresh websites, consistent storytelling & custom content on the web. 

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Free Member's Area Helpful Tools for Owners and Staff

In response to COVID-19, Digital Task Force is developing an online space for clients to plan and execute their marketing initiatives in house with the assistance of a Digital Task Force Teammate. 
Memberships range from $0-$500 per month for a range of marketing services that allow you to mix and match plans and pricing.

For Owners and employees Like in-house marketing without the extra office requirements.

We’ve built a reputation for being the most hands on and communicative marketing team when compared to others in our field.
You can expect exceptional customer service, clear communication, regular reporting and a team that never gives up, burns out or ghosts you.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a must for companies who want to build a strong online presence that captures and holds the attention of leads. By conducting digital marketing in the proper way, qualified leads can easily find and choose your business over your top competitors. In order to carry out any type of strategic marketing service, it takes seasoned digital marketers, and here at Digital Task Force, we are just that. Digital marketers are masters of turning all data and metrics into actionable marketing insights, and all insights into measurable revenue-generating marketing. 

Any digital marketing services that is provided for your business and done through Digital Task Force deliberately compromises the appropriate thinking, planning, and executing strategies that are specifically designed to achieve all digital marketing goals, objectives, and successes reliably and continually. 

We are currently living in a time period where the world is primarily data-driven. Therefore, it should be no surprise that marketing in a time of artificial intelligence, and social interactions highly requires a digital-first and outcome-oriented and focused digital marketing agency. 

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Digital Task Force is a Dallas based company that …

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