How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Work

Google Ads allows you to create online ads for your company in order to reach target audiences interested in your products or services being offered. The platform runs on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Meaning, you have to pay every time a visitor clicks on your specific ad. Online advertising through Google Ads is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get results for your business from website traffic, to brand awareness, to leads and sales. But, how fast does it take to obtain these results?

Google Ads

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How Long Does It Take For The Google Algorithm To Gather Enough Data? 

When you first activate your account, it typically takes anywhere from 24-48 hours for Google to review and approve your account. Then, after you receive the approval, it takes Google’s algorithm approximately seven days to gather enough vital data and information in order to complete its learning phase about your business. Along with this, it will take time for you to make the specific changes that’s needed in order to optimize your business ad campaign based on what data’s collected. However, it may take longer for Google’s algorithm to gather data depending on multiple different factors.

In order to find out the overall status of your campaign, you must login to your account, click on “campaigns” and view your campaign under “status.” And, in order to find out the status of your bid strategy, you must click on the tool icon under “shared library” and click on “portfolio bid strategies.”

Google Ads Campaign Insights

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What Should I Expect After Running Google Ads In The First 7 Days?

Google will take seven days to gather all vital information and dats about your business and learn about your desired topic. And lastly, examine and understand your target audience. Depending on how big or small your business is, the process can take much longer to complete.
After the first week of account activation, Google will continue to collect data and serve your ads. However, do not expect leads to start flooding in after the first week. In reality, it typically takes about two to four weeks for your ads to pick up activity and momentum.

How Long Does It Take To Optimize My Google Ad?

After the algorithm has acquired enough data, your status will then become listed as “eligible.” Based on your campaign goals and objectives, you will need to use the algorithm data in order to make some changes. Also, you will need to update your campaigns bid strategy or overall budget. Or, your campaign may need to include a specific location or target audience. In addition, you will need to add, remove, or adjust keywords in your ad campaigns.

Overall, in order to fully comprehend how the changes that you made will impact the campaign, you will need to wait about a week or two for the most efficient results.

How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Get Results?

It is super important to select the most appropriate keywords and locations for each of your ad campaigns. This will shorten the amount of time it will take to optimize your campaigns. Along with, minimizing the amount of changes that are essential for your campaigns.

Setting up a Google ad campaign based on your businesses overall goals and objectives is essential. And, creating landing pages that resonate with your target audience will obtain faster end results. Feel free to take a look at our blog post to learn more about how to create user friendly landing pages for your website.

The short answer is that it will take Google approximately seven days multiplied by the amount of changes made to your ad campaign. Which, equals about a total of three months.

Google Ads Keywords

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Google Ads Location

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How Do I Know That My Google Ads Will Succeed?

A few specific factors that are important to acknowledge in order to measure the effectiveness of your Google Ads are the total number of impressions, the number of clicks to website, the CTR (click-through rate), and CPC (Cost-per-click).

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