How To Add A PDF To Your WordPress Website

Follow the steps listed below to learn exactly how to add a PDF document to your WordPress website, and link the document to a button.

Step 1:

First, login with credentials to

Step 2:

Next, click on “Media” on the left side of the dashboard. View image 1.1 as a reference.

Image 1.1

Step 3:

Then, click on “Add New” on the top of the page next to “Media Library” See image 1.2

Image 1.2

Step 4:

Select and upload from your computer whichever file you would like to use. You will see all the images and files in the media library. See image 1.3

Image 1.3

Step 5:

Once uploaded, click to open whichever PDF document you want to put on the website. Once opened, copy the link URL by clicking “copy URL to clipboard.” See image 1.4.

Image 1.4

Step 6:

Now that you have copied the PDF URL, navigate back to the page where you want to insert the new PDF on the website. In our example, we want the menu PDF to live on the “food page”, under the “dinner button”.

To navigate, hover over your website’s name on the top left side of the dashboard. In this example, hover over “Homewood Dallas” and click “Visit Site.” See image 1.5 as a reference for how to navigate back to the website.

Image 1.5

Step 7:

Then, once you are back to the website, navigate to the page where you want to insert your document. In our example, we navigate to the “food” page.

Once on the page, click “Turn On Builder” or open up your website’s editor on the top of the page. See Image 1.6.

Image 1.6

Step 8:

After you click on “Turn On Builder”, or open your website’s editor, click the element where you want to insert the PDF.

In our example, we want to insert the PDF on a button element, such as the “dinner menu” or “wine list,” button. Then, paste the new link where it says “Link.” See image 1.7

Image 1.7

Step 9:

Afterwards, click done. Then click “Save” on the top right of the page in bright orange.

Then click the “X” to the left of the save button to leave the editor mode. See image 1.8

Image 1.8

All done, congratulations! You did it. If you have any questions on this process, feel free to reach out to

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