How To Define The Main Purpose Of Your Website

A website should cater to your target market and their needs, it is not necessarily all about the product or service you are selling. A websites purpose is to communicate with your prospect in a clear, specific, and persuasive manner to their desired needs. Your website is the “Internet Face” of your business. Anyone can click on the link to your website and learn all about your offerings. However, in order to better appeal to your target market, your website must have a purpose, a mission, and a plan. Let’s take a closer look at some tips on how to define the main purpose of your website.

Identify Your Websites Target Market

Always start with a business plan. Just like it states in our published blog post “Things Your Brand Must Have Besides A Logo,” your website must incorporate some sort of mission. Your business mission/plan entails your intended marketing strategies. Always keep in mind your mission statement and the overall reason why you started your business in the first place. Remember, your website is to serve your customers in the best possible way. View your website as a tool that enables your company to succeed and reach its desired objectives.

Review Your Websites Statistics

Statistics provide website owners with knowledge. It’s true, tracking website statistics allows your company to make more money. Statistics play a huge role in defining or redefining the main purpose of your website. Always view your company’s analytics report.

Through analytics, you can view pages visited on your website, how long someone spent on a given page, and abandonment rates. You can also learn about your website visitors geographical locations, gender, age, and occupation. These people are the ones who find your products or service interesting.

Along with this, here at Digital Task Force, we offer something known as website usability records. This is the best tool on the market for understanding your customer experience and for optimizing your website for usability. Through screen recordings, you have the opportunity to watch every click and every scroll of the mouse to learn what’s working and what is not on your website.

Identify Your Websites Competitors

Chances are, there are other businesses out there in your area who may be selling a similar product or service as you. View your top three competitors websites and identify commonalities. Consumers who shop for specific products or services in your industry, tend to look for similar things. For example, consumers like to compare prices. If your competitor is charging a fairly low price for a similar product of yours that you are selling at a high price, chances are consumers will purchase your competitors product over yours. Use this to your advantage to better your business and website.

Ensure That Your Website Is User-Friendly

While some Internet users enjoy using a sophisticated website, others prefer a simpler website that requires little to no technical expertise. The equipment that users have and use also plays a role in how they access your website. For instance, some people may use a desktop or laptop, while others may use a tablet, or mobile phone. Screen sizes and resolutions differ based on what they use to view your website.  Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the content on your website is both desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly. Along with this, take time to find out the main preference of your target audience.

Think Like An End-User

First, consider why a customer will stop on your website in the first place. Determine how your website can allow them to accomplish exactly what they need when they visit your website. How can your website work in a way to provide them with all the necessary information they need in a timely manner? Keep in mind, if you are ever in doubt of what your customer might want, feel free to send them over a questionnaire. View some of our questionnaires/forms that we have created for our website visitors to fill out so that we can learn more information about their needs:

Overall, the purpose of your website is to turn visitors into prospects. In order to do this, you must clearly identify your websites main purpose and end goal by reviewing your business mission plan and your target market’s information. Always check your websites statistics and analytics to have a clear understanding of what’s working and what needs revision. And, always think like a customer. Thus, it’s vital to your company’s success to review your website on a regular basis to ensure that all aspects of the website are running smoothly and are essential to your businesses success.

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