Instagram Metrics That Measure Performance

By understanding and tracking metrics on Instagram, you will be able to acquire a better understanding of your company’s performance. Along with, how well your social strategy is performing.

Just like any other marketing strategy, keeping tabs on your company’s performance on Instagram is essential. If you are managing your business Instagram account without taking a look at the analytics, then you will never be able to understand the results of your efforts.

Understanding different metrics and insights on Instagram may not always be very easy. Let’s talk more in depth about the different metrics that Instagram offers and how to understand each of them in order to measure performance of your business.

Instagram Metrics

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Your Instagram engagement rate refers to the sum of likes, comments, and saves that you receive per post, divided by the total number of followers that you have. If your Instagram page has a couple hundred followers, then you are naturally not as likely to receive the same number of likes, comments, and saves as a company like Starbucks who has millions of followers.

Keep in mind, understanding your engagement rate is key to your Instagram’s success. Engagement allows you to build a community on your page with your target audiences. The more you are able to reply to comments under your posts, the more likely you are to get involved in conversation with people who may be interested in your business or what you have to offer. The more people who engage with your content, the more likely that Instagram is to show it to even more users. It is important to ensure that your overall engagement with other people on your Instagram profile is genuine and appropriate.

Instagram Engagement

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Instagram Impressions refer to the number of time your content was shown to users whether it was an in-feed post or a story. Impressions are the total number of times that your content could have been seen by users. Impressions go one step further than the Instagram metric “Reach.” Because, impressions offer relevant data that includes when someone has watched your story more than once. In order to increase your overall brand awareness, you can work towards increasing this metric.

Image 1.3 shows the number of impressions that one of our Clients, Avon Cleaners has received from a published post.

Instagram Impressions

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Reach (although many times mixed up with the meaning of impressions) , refer to how many people are seeing your content on any given day. Most of the time, not every single one of your Instagram followers is going to be seeing your published content. Unless, you are putting in some serious spend into your account. Instagram Impressions measure the total number of times users saw your post or story. On the other hand, Instagram Reach refers to the total number of unique accounts that have seen your post or story.

Accounts Reached

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Follower Growth

Evaluating your Instagram follower growth rate refers to the way your overall follower count changes. This is often much more important than your total number of followers. When evaluating a growing or declining Instagram follower count, context is very important. Especially, if you are experiencing random spikes of follower count due to something like a one-time promotion or paid social media ads. If you are seeing a  sustained, gradual growth rate over time, then this indicates that people are liking what they see from your content and they want to keep seeing this content on their feed.

The number of followers that your Instagram account has, ultimately represents the potential reach of your content. Which overall, impacts the performance of other metrics such as engagement rate. Therefore, continuing to focus efforts around organically growing your audience is always going to be essential when marketing on Instagram. If your follower count is growing and increasing  by the day or by the week, then the way you are marketing on Instagram is working.

Follower Breakdown

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Story Metrics

When measuring metrics of your Instagram Stories, you can measure the reach and the impressions. Reach refers to the number of visits a unique account viewed each slide in your story. And, impressions are the total number of views received on each of your individual Instagram Stories. When it comes to Instagram Stories, there are a number of metrics to keep tabs on such as Profile Visits, Story Replies, Story Taps Back and Forward, Story Exits, Impressions, number of followers gained, and others.

In today’s time period, of the most essential components to current Instagram marketing strategies involves the use of Stories. Stories provide another dimension of content for your audience. Your stories disappear after 24 hours (unless you decide to make a highlight which is visible on your IG page of your stories)  and gives you even more freedom and flexibility than your feed does to be creative.

Story Insights

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Mentions refer to the number of Instagram posts or stories that mention your Instagram handle either as tagged within the post or mentioned in the story or in the caption of the post. When you are mentioned or tagged in another accounts post, that means more people will become aware of your Instagram handle and that will ultimately bring more attention and engagement to your account.

Check out Image 1.7 of a post that one of our clients, Red Hanger is tagged in.

Tagged Instagram Post

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Profile Visits

This is the number of people who have visited your Instagram profile page. Visits are a very important metric because it indicted how many people are landing on your profile page and checking out your content, along with what you have to offer.

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