Digital Task Force Services Overview

Done for you Website Services

Brochure Websites

This website typically has 3-9 pages and is set up on Wordpress or Web Builder with basic themes, content and site map. Provide images and written content as well as domain credentials for a finished website in 10 days. Or, get assistance with content such as with images and text. 

Ecommerce Websites

If you sell products, services, education, food or entertainment, an e-commerce website might be a good fit for you. We provide training or assistance for Shopify, Squarespace, Square, Wix, Woocommerce, Wordpress.com, Godaddy Websites, Google Websites and more. Product Development includes but is not limited to – art and copywriting, inventory, weight, shipping and SEO. 

One Page sites | Landing Pages

Many online campaigns can convert customers to email subscribers, buyers and loyal fans with just a landing page- a 1-page website promoting you, a product or services. Learn more…

Website Repair $150/hour 

We repair defunct websites built on Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Square, Wix, Godaddy Websites, Google Websites and more. Get help now.

Marketing Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads Management

Google Advertising is an online platform developed by Google, where businesses can take advantage of both free and paid services to display brief advertisements.

Google Advertising requires a suite of services from tacit requirements like SEO (The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results), Keyword Research and Content Assistance as well as overt requirements such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business. 

Organic SEO $150/hour

All SEO truly amounts to is how useful and relevant your website is compared to others in your field with your same audience. By appealing to search engines, such as Google, we are appealing to the ways in which the general public uses the internet.

In a very small nutshell, SEO is the way to provide outstanding customer service by ensuring your website’s software and security settings are up to date, your content is consistent, relevant and valuable to your audience, your Google listings, urls, page titles, and text formatting create a seamless customer journey and that your website is listed and sync’d appropriately with Google Analytics and Search Console. 

Marketing Email Marketing

Let us plan your marketing calendar and the email messages to go along with it. Or, consider a stream of messages in conjunction with your social media marketing. This may include artwork, text content, associated landing pages, etc.

For companies who choose higher numbers of messages, they will be created in advance based on your marketing calendar/objectives. 

Marketing Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a marketing process that can be extremely profitable and can grow your audience far and wide beyond your current friends and family. At the end of the day, it is all the same- communication, openness, connection, top of mind awareness, sales. 

Social Media Retainers

From custom content, to ads management, analytics, planning and execution– a fully done for you service is tailored to your business.

Ask about your Social Art Portfolio, Organic Posting, Commenting, Engaging and Facebook Ads Management. Or, simply get guidance.

Materials Custom Art Portfolios

Art Portfolios are best for businesses who need guidance in developing their advertising content.

This service does not include page management or paid advertising. This service is an Art Portfolio for your business. 

We take your pictures and videos, plan your message and learn about your audience, but someone in your business uploads your content, manages your pages, customer comments and support. 

Social Art

Social Art comprises the lion’s share of content published to your social media feeds each month. The Social Art Portfolio includes up to 15 images and/or video clips created (or sourced) specifically for your business with post processing to add special touches such as your logo or other unique aspects to the image or video clip. Our Social Art Portfolios are created in house and with partner artists. *Ask for images modified for web.

Content Writing + Editing includes research and mash up of your current website content, alongside your competitors and industry leaders. *Included in most projects, additional artistic fees may apply.

Done For you Social Feed Management

LIVE STATS | heatmaps Website Usability Records

View your website through the eyes of your customer – $29/mo.

This is the best tool on the market for understanding your customer experience and for optimizing your website for usability. No more guessing. Watch every click and every scroll of the mouse to learn what’s working and what is not.

Multiple Images Graphic

SEM Rush Reporting Services

Custom Reports for all your Assets – $50/mo.

Our most comprehensive online marketing report to get a 360 view of your online efforts, content rankings, website health and more. We’ve only got 25 spots.

If you do not have a website, or if your current website is not set up with Google Analytics and Search Console, it will be required. But, we can fix it for you with no problem. 

Digital Task Force

Keep in touch with a constant stream of analytics. + Make tiny corrections everyday.

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Training Online Marketing Guides + Coaching Calls

Your action Plan + Chat Assistance | Pricing from $0 – $500 / mo.

We are thrilled to announce our Digital Guides coming soon to assist small business owners and staff with a variety of digital tasks such as those related to e-commerce stores, brochure websites, social media content planning and publishing, organic search positioning, website analytics technology and more… 

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