Services How Digital Marketing Managers Work for Your Business

Our Digital Marketing Managers are in charge of your social media and Google campaigns, website updates, landing pages, pop up boxes, marketing emails, artwork, ad copy and customer service. 

Here’s how it works (and how much it costs).

Social Media Management

Your Digital Marketing Manager handles your organic and paid posting on social media including Facebook and Instagram. (LinkedIn and Tik Tok are available upon request).

  • We visit your business as needed to snap fresh images and videos.
  • We combine original artwork and graphics with high quality stock content for a cohesive and well rounded feed.
  • We format all content for both posts and stories. 
  • We provide all artwork to you for use in other areas of your business.
  • We publish content every other day.
  • We write captions based on our interaction with your business, developing your voice over time.
  • We utilize your most popular organic content as paid Awareness Ads to broaden your visibility.
  • We create custom artwork for Retargeting Campaigns during holidays, peak seasons and specials offers.
  • We respond to customer service requests submitted via social media.
  • We send weekly reports to keep you up to date on your social media success.

Website Management

Your Digital Marketing Manager updates your website as needed to support organic and paid advertisements, content additions such as blog posts, products, artwork and deep analytics.

  • We outfit your website with Screen Recordings to watch the quality and usability of your site through the eyes of your clients.
  • We manage your Facebook Pixel to ensure your past customers see your future advertisements.
  • We ensure your Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business accounts are sync’d appropriately to analyze your website traffic.
  • We ensure website software and security measures are up to date. 
  • We manage your urls, title tags, meta data and page content for best organic rankings.
  • We monitor customer requests to ensure timely and appropriate responses.
  • We add landing pages where necessary to support your special promotions.
  • We write product descriptions and page content where needed.
  • We assist your staff in managing products and fulfilling orders.
  • We send custom analytics reports each week to keep you up to date on your website’s health, organic rankings and ROI.

Google Management

Your Digital Marketing Manager facilities Free and Paid Google Advertising via the following accounts: 

  • Gmail / Google Drive
  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads Manager
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Website Screen Recordings

We sync your website with your Google Accounts. We write your ad copy. We manage your budget, publish your ads, review analytics and report weekly on your Google Marketing ROI.

Email Marketing

Your Digital Marketing Manager creates and coordinates email content to support organic and paid promotions as well as to support customer service and product development.

  • We manage your Mailchimp or Constant Contact accounts.
  • We follow best practices to maintain privacy across your web assets.
  • We plan email automations and one-off emails.
  • We coordinate artwork and ad copy for a stream-lined customer journey.


Additional Perks

  • Never lose access to any account. Your Digital Marketing Manager maintains a client folder for you to quickly access credentials to all of your web accounts at a click of a button.
  • Never worry about employee turn over. Your website and advertisements keep running even when your employees don’t.
  • All of your web assets in one place. Your Digital Marketing Manager maintains high resolution copies of your logo and brand collateral for you to access anytime anywhere.
  • Never miss another lead. Your Digital Marketing Manager acts as an answering service to ensure all inquires via your social media or website are accounted for.
  • Enjoy hundreds of custom and stock art pieces. Your Digital Marketing Manager maintains all artwork, blog content and ad copy in a shared folder for you to reuse in your business.