Why You Don’t Let A Stranger Set Up Facebook For Your Business – or anyone else who is not your business partner for that matter.

Have you ever been logged out of your Facebook but don’t remember your password? It’s such a draining process to regain access in the midst of being logged out. Imagine somebody else creating a Facebook for your business, just to leave with your login credentials! Here’s a list of complications you’ll run into when locked out of your business’ Facebook:

Outdated/Unapproved Content

There may be content posted to your page that was never approved or outdated over time like old photos or time frames of your business hours. If you don’t have access to edit or even remove content it will be misleading to your audience.

No Link to Other Platforms

As everyone is aware in this day and age, technology is forever growing. New platforms for posting to social media sprout up from left to right. Facebook is one of the main platforms that works as a connecting link to other platforms. It is essential for you to be able to access it. Down the road, having access to your Facebook account will help you tie these other platforms in. Trust us. It SUCKS when your Facebook will not let you link to other accounts and you manually have to post to half a dozen platforms.

Risk of Losing Followers

If your Facebook account is sitting stale from let’s say.. 2011… Imagine how many followers have fallen off over the years. Not being able to update and refresh your page will not keep followers engaged and eventually they will leave your page for good.

What’s worse?! If you didn’t have that rando from 2011 give you the proper admin credentials to your page, then you’ll never be able to get them again.

Also, if you have to set up another page to replace the one you lost access to, you’ll have to ask your followers from the original stupid page to also follow your new page.. That’s dumb. Especially if that rando from 2011 got you hundreds of followers.

Issues with Running Ads

One reason that Facebook is so helpful with marketing your business is that you are able to run ads for your business and boost them as well. What if somebody else that no longer works for you has set up your page? You are no longer able to run ads or even boost for yourself. They may even be running older ads that are no longer wanted. 

Another problem here is that you will have to set up a second ad account which means everyone going forward will always become confused about which Facebook page is the real one and which ad account should connect where.

Stranger Danger

Once you have found yourself down this long road of brick walls and have no control over your own page it might even be difficult to block or report that page in order for it to be removed completely. In fact, it is nearly impossible to get pages removed from Facebook unless they blatantly and clearly violate copyright laws, or if they spark violence in some way. – We guess you could go ahead and publish a lot of hate speech on your random defunct page and try to get it removed that way? … No.

How to Fix My Abandoned Page

Having somebody other than you, (the business owner) set up a Facebook Business Page is a major no. Avoid the mess from the get-go and be sure your logins stay saved somewhere secure.

In fact, we can do this for you. When you work with Digital Task Force, not only do you own all of your own assets from Facebook to Web Hosting, Google My Business, Analytics and more, but we save all of your credentials in a file just for you to access anytime- anywhere- no matter if you fire or us or what!

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